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Scope of Work

Green Cleaning

The global concerns of the environment are important to us, and we understand the value of green cleanings. We are one of the greenest cleaning companies around, having the served the local area for years. Once you experience the Marianna’s way of cleaning, you will see why.

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Bedroom Cleanings

Your bedroom is where you sleep and rest, which makes it one of the top priorities for cleaning. We work with the most efficient and environmentally friendly tools, including some brand-name products and microfiber towels.

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Bathroom Cleanings

Most homeowners love a great looking and polished bathroom, which is why our cleaners do everything with the most precise attention to detail. From the tub to the toilet, our bathroom cleaning service has every base covered, while leaving personal items untouched.

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Kitchen Cleanings

The cleaning provided at Marianna’s works for the kitchen as well as the rest of the home. The place where you cook should not only be fully cleaned, but free of bacterial agents and contaminants as well. This is why we use our select green products to ensure the highest quality result.

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For Businesses

Businesses are not exempt from the professional quality services we provide at Marianna’s. Get the cleaner office you need for improved productivity and convenience with the Marianna’s cleaning experience.

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